Warm Up Program For Professional Speaking


Speaking at an important conference or event? Then you’ll need to be at your peak performance level. This package is designed for precisely that: Now you can become fine-tuned and polished with your own 8-step customized warm-up program for professional public speaking.

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This audiobook and manual are designed to help public speakers achieve their peak performance level. These tools enable you to learn and develop warm-up strategies and tips for dynamic and effective professional speaking. The program is conducted through 8 steps, and can be specifically customized for you with the accompanying Log Sheet and Check List:

Step # 1 Preparation and Planning—strategies, tips, exercises
Step # 2 Eye Contact—strategies, tips, exercises
Step # 3 Relaxation Starters—strategies, tips, exercises
Step # 4 Voice Dynamics—strategies, tips, exercises
Step # 5 Affirmations—strategies, tips, exercises
Step # 6 Visualizations—strategies, tips, exercises
Step # 7 Non Verbal Communications—strategies, tips, exercises
Step # 8 Relaxation Closers—strategies, tips, exercises

Complete Package – $125  (Downloadable)

Includes: Instructional MP3 & Manual

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Instructional MP3 only – $60  (Downloadable)

Includes: Log Sheet/Check List – Customized Program

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