Eight Steps to Greater Success in Public Speaking


Would you like to learn the strategies and skills useful not only for beginners but also those that take you through to an advanced level of public speaking? Then this package will enable you to grasp not only the basics but also pick up and use some of the more advanced techniques polished presenters use.

Choose this package and learn:

  • how to create a confidence zone that will insulate you from anxiety and fear
  • how to eradicate your fears of public speaking
  • how to prepare outstanding speeches
  • professional presentational styles
  • professional rehearsal techniques
  • exercises to develop voice projection
  • strategies for developing excellent voice dynamics
  • professional non-verbal communication skills
  • professional speaking relaxation exercises

Complete Package – $75  (Downloadable)

Includes: Instructional MP3 & Manual

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Instructional MP3 only – $45  (Downloadable)

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