Speaker Skills offers highly effective training and coaching for clients who need to master the art of professional speaking. Clients leave our sessions feeling confident, prepared and with a full understanding of the skills required to deliver dynamic and powerful presentations. All of our programs are highly specialized, providing expertise and feedback on all aspects of public speaking and presenting.

So, what happens when we first meet?

Participants receive an initial evaluation of their voice dynamics, platform mechanics and presentational style. We ask clients to come prepared with a short 2-3 minute presentation which we assess. This provides a clear understanding of your concerns and the areas where you need help through our customized program—tailored to you. We will equip you with strategies, techniques and skills to develop excellence in presenting and public speaking, and turn your weaknesses into strengths. The public speaking training you receive involves competencies including: relaxation techniques… breathing & posture excellence… self-confidence strategies… stress reduction … fear eradication… non-verbal communication skills… rehearsal techniques… speech preparation… voice care & development… professional platform mechanics… voice dynamics… voice projection… accent reduction… speech impediment eradication… interview skills & techniques…media training … and more. Learn the skills and strategies involved to become a polished and professional public speaker at a national and international level.

How do you structure your training and coaching?

We structure our public speaking training and coaching through our interactive workshops, one-to-one training and coaching sessions either in-person or online. We also provide effective and supportive instruction with our recent collection of audiobooks, manuals and DVDs. From our initial consultation, we’ll suggest what level and amount of training and coaching you require. We cater from novice speakers and presenters to those with more experience. We offer 3 different levels of public speaking training and coaching. You can choose to mix and match what fits your schedule

  • one 1/2 hour online or telephone training and coaching session or a series
  • one 1 1/2 hour session or a series  (Cost Saving Packages Available)
  • half day workshops Fear Eradication/Fine Tuning and Polishing
  • two half day workshops
  • full day workshops

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Beginners & Intermediates

You will learn how to:

  • overcome public speaking nervousness, anxiety and fears
  • build your self-confidence in a supportive environment
  • organize your ideas
  • use gestures and other non-verbal communication skills to reinforce the spoken word
  • use the 3 ‘Speaker Skills eye focus techniques’ to bond with your audience
  • employ impressive platform ‘mechanics’
  • utilize strong voice dynamics
  • and more…


You will learn how to:

  • speak with energy, passion and poise
  • enunciate in a clear, professional tone and manner
  • control your audience’s attention through your voice dynamics
  • develop 25 voice tones for effective presenting and professional speaking
  • handle questions and answers confidently and professionally
  • handle hecklers and ‘difficult’ audiences
  • master ‘impromptu speaking’
  • be a Master of Ceremonies
  • form relaxation techniques that really work
  • … and more…


You will learn how to:

  • ‘work the room’
  • use storytelling techniques
  • be memorable
  • inspire others
  • develop 50 voice tones for effective presenting and professional speaking
  • speak like a polished public figure
  • handle media and press conferences
  • be a Master of Ceremonies
  • prepare an award winning PowerPoint presentation and use it effectively
  • use rehearsal techniques
  • and much more…