Let Music Unleash a Speaker’s Talent

By | Posted on 6 September 2017

Music is a healer.  We have heard numerous times that listening to relaxing music can help to overcome anxiety and put us in a tranquil state.  But did you know that music can offer a Public Speaker many different gifts from rehearsing techniques to performance excellence?

Rehearsing a presentation with music can help the speaker remember their speech very  effectively.  It triggers in our brains a retention of words, themes and  phrases that are not easy  to forget.  Use only instrumental music that you find best merges with your speech.  Practice saying your speech out loud with the music playing in the background.  Practice in front of a  mirror.

I enjoy incorporating music into the introduction of all presentations that I deliver whether in a keynote speech or training.  Just a few bars of your favourite music sets the mood for an audience and grabs their attention and keeps them engaged.  The first 7 seconds of every  presentation are the, ‘make or break it’, moments.  Why not hook your audience, reaching into their emotions with appropriate music that captures their attention and gets them excited?

Middle parts of every presentation start to drag with listeners losing interest. Incorporating music in this portion of a speech can wake them up and get the audience listening and reacting.

If you want to be a memorable speaker and leave your audience with an experience, use music to end your presentation.  They will leave the room feeling transformed by your words and the emotions that were triggered.


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