Becoming a Professional Speaker

By | Posted on 3 May 2018

What motivates you as a speaker?

Do you have a message you want to share?

I often have clients who want to embark on a professional speaking career but don’t know what they want to speak about.  They are focusing on the possible outcome of their speech in numerical value.  Like so many other creative fields, the motivation is the dollar sign.

The truth is that the success of a speaker who reaches the status of professional are few rather than many.  It takes many years of disciplined hard work to reach the pinnacle of success.  The speaker who reaches the realm of professional has worked hard through experience, research, education, courage, natural talent and determination.  It is never an overnight success.  The speaking industry is constantly changing with new expectations, trends and challenges.  This computer and digital era has made the speaking industry easier and harder.  It’s easier if speakers keep up with all the technological advances available to them and difficult if they refuse to change their comfort zone lapsing into complacency and staleness.

Knowing your purpose for speaking other than for a lucrative outcome is crucial. To be a successful speaker you must be able to transform your audience’s thoughts, behaviours and patterns through thinking differently from when they heard you speak. You must be able to connect with their emotions.

Professional speaking is a special gift that few people have but can effect millions if delivered inspirationally.  Being an expert in your subject of speaking, with a book on your topic, often adds to the credibility of your speech.

Professional speakers have many skills in common.  Learning the strategies they use can be helpful in polishing your own presentation. You can continually strive to be a better speaker understanding how you can motivate people’s actions, desires, and needs, through the effective delivery of your speech.

Become the best you can be!


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