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Bette Klimitz, B.A.Hon., B.Ed., M.Ed.

A pioneer in her field as a Presentations and Executive Voice Coach also the Founder of Speaker Skills, now in its 24th year of coaching clients in all aspects of professional public speaking.

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About Bette

The Speaker Skills Institute founded in 1990 provides presentations and executive voice coaching/training in all aspects of public speaking. We train clients specializing in keynote speaking, facilitation, as workshop and seminar leaders, master of ceremonies, wedding speeches, litigation, political speeches and power point presentations. Training focuses on public speaking fear eradication, stress reduction through relaxation techniques, voice dynamics, 25-50 tonality development, voice projection, non-verbal communication skills, self-confidence building, affirmations, visualizations, rehearsal techniques, speech preparation and presentational style. We offer beginners, intermediate, advanced and a master’s level of training. We also offer Speaker Skills Instructional Audio Books with a user guide manual. All of our Programs and Corporate Workshops are individualized and customized for excellent results. We also specialize in fine tuning and polishing client’s skills through public speaking power training for a fast and effective way of delivering outstanding presentations. We have had 99% real life success in training and coaching clients as professional speakers at a national and international level. Thousands of people have successfully overcome their public speaking fears and continued on to professional speaking careers as a result of the training from Bette Elly at Speaker Skills. A practical but revolutionary approach combining theatre strategies, voice-over artist’s vocal skills as well as psychology. Our newest 2010 Audio Book and Manual is now available downloadable on our Web Site www.speakerskills.com It specializes in helping clients who are already speaking or wishing to enter a professional speaking career to be in peak performance through the interactive exercises, strategies and tips of Speaker Skills Warm up Program for Professional Public Speaking.  Speaker Skills offers the new Professional Presentations DVD Training Video for Professional Public Speaking.  This transformational Training Video can help you achieve a Professional Speaking level in just over an hour.  Speaker Skills offers the only Training DVD of its kind in Canada.  Recorded in front of a LIVE audience, it provides you with an interactive, hands-on, lecture format for fast, effective and life long results.

Twenty Facts About Betty Elly


  1. Bette EllyThe Founder and Director of Speaker Skills since 1990
  2. Well respected Professional Voice, Presentations and Executive Performance Coach
  3. Professional level member of The Canadian Assoication of Professional Speakers
  4. Member of The Canadian Society of Training and Development
  5. Betty Elly has a Master of Education degree in Adult Education, Community Development and Counselling Psychology from The University of Toronto
  6. Betty Elly has a Bachelor of Education degree as a Dramatic Arts Specialist from The University of Toronto
  7. Betty Elly has a Bachelor of Education degree in English Literature, Visual Arts and Co-Operative Education from The University of Toronto
  8. Betty Elly has a Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a combined major in  Dramatic Arts and English from York University
  9. Betty Elly is the author of an instructional manual and audio book “Warm Up Program For Professional Public Speaking  Customized In 8 Steps” – now selling to an international audience
  10. Betty Elly is the author of an instructional manual  and audio book “8 Steps To Public Speaking Excellence”
  11. Betty Elly is a published writer having contributed to two community newspapers through her two columns.
  12. Betty Elly completed writing a segment for the television show “Structures” the segment entitled “Cedarvale”.
  13. Betty Elly has written screenplays “My Mother’s Piano” and  “Speechless” that are in development
  14. Betty Elly lectured and offered workshops to The University of Toronto on public speaking
  15. Betty Elly taught Theatre Arts and English through the Toronto and North York Boards of Education for over twenty-six years
  16. Betty Elly is an accomplished vocalist, having founded “Bette Elly and Company” singing troupe and provided summer concerts for seniors and private parties
  17. Bette Elly is a voice-over artist specializing in radio and television
  18. Betty Elly is also a practicing visual artist having showcased her acrylic paintings at several galleries in Toronto.
  19. Betty Elly is a Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Coach
  20. Betty Elly is a Public Speaking judge for Speaker’s Spotlight and other public speaking competitions in Toronto