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Too Many Experts? Not Enough Speakers!

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Thousands of people profess to be public speakers. A public speaker (sometimes termed oratory), is the process or act of performing a presentation in order to inform, influence or entertain. Being an expert in a subject area, does not make the speaker a good presenter. Too often experts or specialists in their fields give the impression that they are speakers because they are delivering a presentation. An audience assumes that the expert will have skills of professional speaking. They often leave an audience annoyed and disappointed as their expectations are not met. They don’t know how to speak with passion, energy or poise. They don’t use powerful voice dynamics, strong platform mechanics or outstanding presentational style. They need to have public speaking coaching prior to giving a presentation. Very few people have the skills of an effective or professional speaking level without training and coaching. I’ve listened to far too many experts, speak so poorly that the audience leaves in frustration. Standing in front of an audience is a privilege and needs to be respected with proper preparation. In my opinion any expert who takes the platform needs to develop their public speaking skills to an outstanding level. They need […]

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