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The International Public Speaker

Friday, February 14th, 2014

Public speaking professionally is a skill and art.  It can be learned.  The statistics regarding retention of speeches to an audience is shrinking.  The reason is that most speakers spend an enormous amount of time researching, writing, rewriting and rewriting their scripts.  Statistically only 7% of every speech can be recalled by most listeners.  The content of the spoken word is not as important as the body language of the speaker.  There is a balance between gestures, eye contact, movement, energy, passion, poise that must be viewed and experienced by an audience.  This accounts for 55% of every speech given.  Body language consists of facial expressions, hand gestures, body postures and use of space all interacting to create an overall impression.  Facial expressions usually convey how you feel.  Gestures emphasize what you mean and postures explain who you are.   There are numerous body language errors that speakers forget to perfect.  Body language errors include posture, gestures, clothing, hairstyle, grooming, spatial relationships, eye contact, swaying, nervous tics, hands shaking, rubbing of hands, pacing back and forth and many more. Watching speakers from different countries can be an excellent learning tool.  The exceptional speakers all possess similar qualities of exhibiting strong non […]

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