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Discover A Speaker’s Magic

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

I’m often asked by potential clients if learning the strategies and skills for public speaking one on one is of value compared with learning in a large group setting.  The answer is a large YES.  The most important aspect of becoming an excellent public speaker is discovering your weaknesses and strengths.  Until you have an evaluation of the latter, you won’t be able to effectively move forward only sideways.  That’s where the importance of an individualized public speaking coach and trainer comes in. Everyone has an uniqueness in their speaking.  This uniqueness is not to be confused with a detriment or a skill in public speaking.  It is just who you are and should never be changed significantly only enhanced.  The dynamic , compassionate, humorous, energized, passionate or  poised speaker has many of these innate traits already lying dormant and with exposure to speaking they begin to surface.  They can be taught, learned and become part of any speakers repertoir or they can be further enhanced by a professional presentation’s coach or trainer.  But until a potential speaker is assessed on hundreds of public speaking competencies they are unaware of their strengths or weaknesses. One on one coaching and training […]

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