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The Importance of a Public Speaking Warm Up

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

In order to speak effectively,  you must warm up equally effectively.  Speakers are vocal athletes.  The warm up prevents vocal strain or injury keeping the speaker limber, relaxed, concentrating and at peak performance level.  All professional speakers use a warm up to maintain their speaking instrument on a daily basis.  Everytime you talk, shout, laugh, cry and even sneeze your vocal instrument is being used or abused.  It’s also being attacked by dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, dry air, perfume and many environmental toxins continually.  Many speakers steam for a few minutes daily or use a small portable vaporizer to replenish some of the lubrication your vocal chords need to prevent the damaging effects of clearing your throat due to dryness or a build up of  mucus. Your diaphragm and lungs support your vocal sound and require daily exercise to work efficiently.  Slouching or slumping over a laptop for hours negatively impacts your breathing apparatus.  Always remember to maintain correct posture whether standing or sitting.  Warm ups are the first step  of every speaker’s presentation. Just like a musician’s vocation relys on practice, rehearsal and performace so does a speakers.  The warm up is the most important part of every speaker’s practice.  Without it the rehearsal will lose impact, […]

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Does Public Speaking Fear Ever Go Away?

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Let’s be realistic!  Everyone has some level of public speaking discomfort.  It ranges from mild to severe,  a fear to phobia.  We all want to be thought of as intelligent, articulate speakers having value to our words.  We don’t want others to laugh at us when we speak.  There are many strategies for overcoming the fears associated with public speaking from visualization exercises, deep breathing and taming your invisible tiger technique.  They all help but truthfully, they work best when combined with applying the skills of professional speakers.  It is through understanding and applying the techniques used by professional speakers that our confidence begins to increase and increase. Practice does make spectacular speaking  easier but only if the practice is using skills of professional speaking.  If speakers continually practice the wrong gestures, voice dynamics and presentational style techniques then they are reinforcing the mistakes over and over again until they become deeply entrenched as neural pathways of poor presentation style.  They are not well received.  The feedback is poor and the fear escalates. That’s why public speaking training and coaching is so important.  It regulates, maintaining a level of professionalism giving clarity of skill and performance.  Self confidence  increases with each new talk […]

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