What do you think is the secret behind the world’s best professional speakers? Words offer experiences waiting to happen. These must stimulate your mind and pull at your heart strings.  Words can be magic.  Not only do they convey information.  They are there to generate a feeling.  This is the key to magical presentations. The speaker’s words must change what the audience thinks and change what they do. That is the secret of all communication. It is through emotion that a speaker can generate changes in an audience’s thought, feeling, or action. There are many ways a speaker can implement emotion in their presentations. There first must be energy, a rhythm, through the repetition of words, phrases, ideas and a parallel structure.  The use of storytelling is also a strong technique.   The third invaluable application is being authentic, honest and genuine.  When you speak from your heart you will transform your audience with passion, energy and emotion. Enjoy becoming a master orator.

What New Year’s resolutions are you making for your Public Speaking goals?

It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with a positive attitude if you are focused on your goal, determined and willing to work hard.  Becoming a successful speaker doesn’t happen over night but it can happen over time.  Choose the right path for yourself whether it’s motivational speaking, keynote speaking, workshop leaders, facilitation, master of ceremony, trainer or breakout group leader. Understand your strengths and what gives you fulfillment and self satisfaction.  Don’t allow yourself to have negative self talk.  Turn the ‘what ifs’ into ‘I can’. If you have a fear of Public Speaking, you are not alone.  It still is the number one fear in our society.  People are afraid of being judged.  Professional speakers know the strategies and mind set to overcome the fear.  Few people are born fearless speakers. Take a public speaking course.  It is an investment in your future.  It also gives life-long skills that will help you in communication. Make 2018 the year of rediscovering the power of your voice, your hidden Public Speaking talents and the joy of communication.   Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year. Betty