Professional speakers require poise and energy while delivering a presentation. The poise comes from your posture, gestures, self confidence and eye contact. Where does your energy come from? It is not only the fuel of voice dynamics and body language that ignites a speech but how you move on your platform. Years ago professional speakers were glued to their podiums. Speeches were formal with only the vocal aspect and gestures enchanting audiences. They were vocal athletes taking their gifts on a rollercoaster ride of fifty or more tonal varieties to their voices. Gestures became larger and enhanced. Eyes were used in a specific pattern to engage and sustain an audience’s attention. Platform mechanics became more popular using parts of a stage repeatedly for the best reaction for emotional impact and humour. Horizontal and vertical spaces traced the Theatre actors staging with downstage centre being the most deliberate and important part of a stage. Gradually more speakers have added more platform dimensions to their craft. Why limit your stage? Move beyond the boundaries of the past. Enlarge your platform by moving out into your audience. Rock stars use this technique all the time. They open their concerts by placing a platform […]

What do you think is the secret behind the world’s best professional speakers? Words offer experiences waiting to happen. These must stimulate your mind and pull at your heart strings.  Words can be magic.  Not only do they convey information.  They are there to generate a feeling.  This is the key to magical presentations. The speaker’s words must change what the audience thinks and change what they do. That is the secret of all communication. It is through emotion that a speaker can generate changes in an audience’s thought, feeling, or action. There are many ways a speaker can implement emotion in their presentations. There first must be energy, a rhythm, through the repetition of words, phrases, ideas and a parallel structure.  The use of storytelling is also a strong technique.   The third invaluable application is being authentic, honest and genuine.  When you speak from your heart you will transform your audience with passion, energy and emotion. Enjoy becoming a master orator.