All Public Speakers are unique. Just like no one in the entire world is exactly like you, the same holds true for professional speakers. Watching the recent Canadian and American elections gives us a glimpse into a politician’s weaknesses and strengths in their presentation style. They offer the newest tends in public speaking. They all have negatives and positives. We can learn a lot by watching their presentations. What do we dislike? What do we like? This evaluation helps us to zero in on our own preferences. There are always good and bad characteristics of every speaker. They speak too slow or too fast. They pause too often or stumble on their words with fillers. I prefer to focus on the positives in the following Public Speakers. If we look at Donald Trump. the President elect, his strength in his delivery lies in his conversational tone in his speeches to his audiences. He makes the audience feel he is talking directly to them. He at times appears parental in his wisdom and guidance. Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, is poised, formal yet sincere and theatrical. We as listeners feel his integrity and humanity. Anthony Robbins, this generation’s life coach […]

One of the secrets to maintaining any skill including Public Speaking is positive reinforcement, continual practice and striving to improve. Excellence in Public Speaking is a skill that can be learned. Many novice speakers learn the skill set through coaching and training with a professional presentation’s expert. The client may give several presentations that are good, well received and successful. They are satisfied with their achievements and quickly move to other endeavours. It doesn’t take long for old habits to return like rust penetrating a polished surface. Refresher programs in Public Speaking are one way to maintain your skills and even advance to a higher level. Another way is through Professional Development. This is a viable and important part of every Public Speaker’s tool box. It continues on as a life-long resource to help speakers enhance, perfect and excel. Nourish your garden of Public Speaking with new skills and techniques, observations and experimentation. Experiential learning is a valuable and important tool. Reap the rewards as you enjoy the journey as a fabulous and spectacular presenter reaching higher and higher on the ladder of professional speaking.