Coming soon! Learn the STRATEGIES, TECHNIQUES, and MIND SET for overcoming the fear of public speaking. Researched for over 30 years, this book will offer practical, easy to understand and apply immediately strategies and techniques for eradicating and reducing the fear of public speaking.

Public Speaking is the number one fear amongst the majority of people. We’ve heard the statistics for years that speaking in public is frightening and often debilitating. It crosses ethnicity, gender, and race. In my years of researching this topic, I have found there often is a trigger that seems to occur around puberty. It can happen earlier or later but consistently hundreds of my clients, recall the first experience with a public speaking fear happening during puberty. It makes sense that during those years of hormonal imbalances, emotional and physical changes our minds and bodies react to perceived stress in a negative fashion. There are people who seem to be stress resilient and public speaking provides an opportunity for them to shine and feel important. If the fear of public speaking is not recognized, addressed and dealt with, it lies dormant and resurfaces throughout ones’ life whenever they are called on to make a presentation. Many people despise being judged by others. Our self esteem is very fragile and even successful professional speakers dread reading the comment sheets about their performance after a speech. Human nature focuses on the one or two negative comments rather than on the majority […]